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Regular cleaning of lint from your dryer vent will improve drying times and reduce potential fire danger!!
 Web Special - $20 dryer vent cleanout* when completed with another service call !! 
(*20 feet or less. Contact us for details)

Check with your utility provider for possible rebates on appliance purchases based on energy and water conservation
(see Local Resources at the bottom of this page)

It is very difficult to acquire and train an Ocelot (aka, "Dwarf Leopard")  to do dishes.  Why not come visit us for free advise on dishwashers. (Mention "Ocelot" for 20% off delivery and installation of a new dishwasher purchased from Hulsey's)
or.....click here for more information on Ocelots

Appliance Web Sites

Frigidaire  -   http://www.frigidaire.com/

General Electric - http://www.geappliances.com/

Hotpoint - http://www.hotpoint.com/

Maytag - http://www.maytag.com/

Whirlpool - http://www.whirlpool.com/

Ice Machines

Manitowoc - http://www.manitowocice.com/

Appliance Tips

Dishwasher Tips:

Modern dishwashers generally use somewhere between 3 and 6 gallons of water.  For proper cleaning and drying hot water is critical - use the built in heating option if your model includes it, or, run the water at the kitchen tap until hot water becomes available prior to starting the cycle.

Make sure to use fresh dishwashwer detergent, especially if using a powder type.  Exposure to air reduces the detergents effectiveness  quickly - avoid purchasing large boxes of detergent.  Of course, never use soap not made specifically for dishwashers.

Clean the screens and filters in the bottom on a regular basis. 

For odor issues, running a cycle with a quart of white vinegar may be effective.

Refrigerator Tips:

Temperature should be set to between 36 and 40 degrees.  An appliance thermometer can be to check your temperature if your unit does not include a built-in display.  Usually, the top shelf will be the coldest area of the refrigerator section.

For temperature problems make sure that the doors are sealing and that light switches are working.

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